Multimedia science communicator
Animal behaviour, natural history and the environment

I create content across a range of media to make scientific issues accessible for everyone. Using infographics and engaging copy that gets to the heart of why science matters, I’ll translate the jargon so you don’t have to.



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Climate Hope

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Hi, I’m Owen

I’m a science writer and visual story-teller specialising in animal behaviour, wildlife and the environment. When I’m not writing about science I’m probably drawing wildlife or drinking coffee. Often both.

All too often the science that is portrayed to the public is jargon-heavy and inaccessible or lacks understanding and accuracy. I want to change that. Science can be awe-inspiring but it won’t inspire those who don’t have access to it. Keeping language accessible without compromising accuracy and aiding understanding with infographics are a great way to tailor content to a range of audiences, from the uninitiated to the seasoned scientist.

I’ve written for a range of publications including the RSPB’s Natures Home Magazine, Wild Explorer and Wild Times, created infographics for science education providers like CSR Scientific Training and have guest blogged for Science Made Simple. If you’d like to talk or are looking for someone to help you tell a story in science Get in touch here or check out the work in my portfolio.

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