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How  many women do you notice on the news winning Nobel prizes for science? How many women do you know who have gone onto study physics? Here is my experience of being in a male dominated world.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I want my first post to be about. Astronomy? Particles? Special Relativity?

And actually I realised that I want to give something personal, my own experience in the scientific community. I want to talk about being a female in a heavily male dominated environment.

Before you groan, and think ‘oh god, not another feminist’, I encourage you to read on. I am not on here to talk about negative experiences, when in fact, the scientific part of my life has been mostly positive.

I’ve always been fascinated with stars. For as long as I can remember, my Dad and I would sit and discuss, and wonder…

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British Bumblebees

It's finally done! Earlier this year I decided to learn how to properly use Illustrator to make infographics and redesign some of my previous Piktochart made graphics. I thought it took forwever to draw these bees the first time round but between learning how to do this and keeping the bees as easy to identify … Continue reading British Bumblebees